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" The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"  - Lao Tzu 

Chicago, IL

"Bunny Wabbit" Run

 "I was pleasantly surprised with how much fun I had during this race. The race staff and volunteers were very friendly and I had several other runners/strangers cheering me as I passed by them on the course. Seeing the 50k runners inspired me to sign up for my first 50K this upcoming March. I would definitely recommend this race!​"

- Jessica L.,  2017 "Arctic Frog" Run 25K Finisher

​​Volunteer Opportunity

1.   Support Other Runners
2.  FREE Race Shirt
​3.  Lunch Provided

4.  FREE 5k or opt to pay the difference if interested in a distance longer than 5k next year

Woodbury, MN

​​​​​​Upcoming Races

1. Bunny Wabbit Run         Apr 11, 2020

2. Arctic Frog Run            Dec 14, 2019

Important Announcements

​​​1. Arctic Frog 50K is now a race buckle series. What does this mean?

-There are 7 Frogs of different colors in the series (green, blue, orange, purple, yellow, red, and tie dye)
-One may collect them in NO particular order EXCEPT the "Tie Dye" Frog: which is the Final Frog in the series.

Upon completion of  7 Arctic Frog 50k run, you will be awarded the following:
-A shadowbox to showcase your achievement.
-A one-of-a-kind Arctic Frog GOLD coin with the inscriptions "I Did Not Croak!"

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